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CCRA Travel Solutions

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Regions covered:
North America

**Our Value**

We provide our transparent call center services to both U.S. and Canadian-based travel agencies. CCRA 24/7 Call Center Solutions allows your travel agency the ability to provide daily 24-hour service, without the headache and expense of having to staff up yourselves. We answer the phone on your behalf, using your agency name, assisting your clients by utilizing client profiles from your database, and using your GDS pseudo city codes so that your agency retains all GDS segment credits.

We provide professionally monitored and managed call center capabilities facilitating your travel agency business whenever you require assistance. We manage your account and your clients with demonstrated integrity. CCRA 24/7 Call Center Solutions provides seamless interaction with your clients, representing your agency in a professional manner. We proudly operate as a trusted extension of your travel agency.

Our Pricing

CCRA 24/7 Call Center Solutions' unbundled pricing is clear and concise. We charge a nominal monthly membership fee and then only charge your agency on a per transaction basis. You only pay for the calls your clients make and the tickets we process. Unlike doing business with some of our competitors, who only offer package deals, our travel agency clients aren't required to pay for services they aren't using. It's a pricing structure that's fair to you and to us. Find out more about our pricing options.

Our People

CCRA 24/7 Call Center Solutions has made a significant investment in hiring qualified, experienced travel agents to assist your clients. On average, each travel agent has over nine years of travel agency experience. Before hiring a travel agent, CCRA 24/7 Call Center Solutions tests for a demonstrated working knowledge on a minimum of two GDS's and a willingness to be trained on the other two.

In order to ensure that our travel agents are kept current on GDS enhancements, we provide ongoing recurrent training. To assist with identifying training needs, our Training Department monitors all CCRA 24/7 Call Center Solutions' agents for Quality Control purposes. This allows us to review agent conversations, thereby assisting us in our training efforts and ensuring that your clients are treated in a professional, caring manner on a consistent basis. Lastly, our experienced Management team has over 50 years of combined experience in the 24/7 call center environment.
Check out what others have said about our team on our testimonials page.

Our Commitment

CCRA 24/7 Call Center Solutions fully understands that when our clients chose us to service their travelers' after-hours needs, they are placing their reputations in our hands. We take that responsibility seriously. We have invested in the best technology and the most professional staff our industry has to offer. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients by offering their travelers dependable, caring service whenever and for whatever reason they call. We've built our reputation by taking care of our clients and their travelers for over 35 years and will continue to do so.