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Climate Neutral Group

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Climate Neutral Group is a social venture that was established in 2001 by Stichting Doen, the Triodos Bank and other organizations. Climate Neutral Group is the Benelux market leader in the field, of emission reduction and carbon offsetting.

Every day we strive to achieve our ambitious goal of making a substantial difference in the reduction of global carbon emissions. We offer organizations helpful advice about sustainable corporate practice, in keeping with their goals and objectives.

Our services in a nutshell include, but are not limited to:
•Calculating greenhouse gas emissions;
•Developing and implementing reduction measures that match the culture of your organization and your climate goals;
•Offsetting the remaining greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be avoided.

The insights that lead to reduction and offsetting of your organizations’ emissions also lead to several other meaningful benefits, such as: lower costs and increased revenues while concurrently meeting the increasing demands of consumers, clients, stakeholders and governments for sustainable production. Moreover, there is a significant psychological benefit which is that people prefer working for, and with, organizations that are trying to create a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Climate Neutral Group’s goal is to assist businesses to be responsible and successful by improving their carbon and environmental performance. Climate Neutral Group strives to gain insight, solutions and results in terms of an organization’s carbon and/or environmental impact, and we do this by utilising our knowledge and expertise to reverse the current negative impact corporate business practice have on climate.

Climate Neutral Group offers a verified range of emission reduction projects, paired with meaningful emission reduction targets. These projects combine energy, environment and development solutions into sustainable business opportunities in developing countries. These projects also meet the highest international standards, offering carbon credits with a quality guarantee.

GreenSeat is a campaign that assists consumers to find the most sustainable travel options. GreenSeat analyses which type of transport generates the lowest amount of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the customer’s set of travel requirements, and then offers the customer the most sustainable travel option without compromising their business travel needs. GreenSeat also gives consumers the opportunity to offset the emissions that result from their business journeys.